Russian Standard vodka

Premier Brad Wall is mulling a move to ban Russian vodka from Saskatchewan government liquor stores. (Russian Standard vodka website)

Opposition leader Cam Broten cautions Saskatchewan should wait for direction from the federal government before deciding whether to pull Russian vodka from store shelves.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is mulling pulling Russian vodka from government liquor store shelves in the province. Manitoba is considering a similar ban.

In response, Broten said he wants to see whether there's a national discussion on pulling Russian vodka from stores before it's done in Saskatchewan. 

"It could be considered but I would want a thoughtful response from the province," said Broten. 

It's important to coordinate any trade actions with the federal government rather than make a knee-jerk reaction, he said. 

"Saskatchewan people will and have voted with their feet by going out to events to recognize the deaths in Ukraine," he continued. "They can also vote with their wallets and choose different products as well on the shelves of the liquor stores."

One Russian vodka sold in Sask.

According to the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, only one brand of vodka sold in the province is manufactured in Russia. Russian Standard Vodka is sold in 750 ml bottles. 

SLGA spokesman David Morris says there are approximately 780 bottles of Russian Standard it its 65 stores. If the bottles were banned, they would be taken off the shelves and stored in an SLGA warehouse.