Brendan Cross, who is on probation for running through parts of downtown Regina without any pants, is listed as a prospective candidate for the Green Party of Saskatchewan in the upcoming provincial election.

According to the Green Party's website, Cross — if confirmed — may be on the ballot for voters in Regina Rosemont.

The provincial election is set for November 7.

Cross is a familiar figure in the political arena, having briefly led a fledgling First Nations Party, which he started in April of 2000. It folded the next year.

In 2010, he was sentenced to time served in custody and put on two years of probation for causing a disturbance at Regina's city hall earlier that year.

According to court proceedings, on March 2 a partially naked Cross ran through the building, yelling at a receptionist and making his way to the upper-floor offices of the mayor, who was not in.

Friends and family told CBC News that Cross may have been suffering from a mental condition at the time.

Cross himself acknowledged, in a blog announcing his candidacy, that he suffers from a bipolar disorder.

"I am announcing that I am putting my name forward as a provincial candidate with the Green Party of Saskatchewan," Cross wrote. "I do so with some political experience, and also with a checkered past."

He added, "It is well known that I suffer from bi-polar disorder.  But I want it to be more well known that I am anti-war, pro-union, against nuclear waste, and for saving our planet and all people who live in it."