A break from school can be a challenge for parents of active youngsters, but fortunately there are interesting programs available.

At the University of Regina, dozens of children found an outlet for their energy at a number of week-long camps.

"We have parents that work during the week and they need somewhere for their kids to go when they don't have a week of school," Christa Eidsness, program co-ordinator for the Conservatory of Performing Arts, explained Monday. "So they come here and it's a chance to let their creative side out."

About 100 youths signed up for classes in a wide array of fields. One of the more popular sessions was Glee Club.

skpic Hannah Shanks

Hannah Shanks was one of several youngsters rehearsing in Glee Club for an upcoming performance. The club is one of many camps offered during the break at the University of Regina. (CBC)

"I like when we just go on stage and and we're performing and we get to wear our makeup," Hannah Shanks, one of the youngsters in the class, said Monday. "I like to do makeup and we get to wear funky costumes."

The Glee Club sessions culminate, after five days, with a showcase performance.

Try new things

While the classes are short - just five days - they are jam packed. They also provide an opportunity to try new things.

"Maybe they've been talking about guitar lessons and their parents aren't really sure if they're going to like it," Eidsness said. "This is a really good opportunity to come and say, 'Lets try it for a week and if you hate it we'll look at something else.'"

Parents are also happy there is some real learning going on.

"They do get arts education at school, but this is a little more intense and a little more focused and more fun," Jordana Buchan said. "And they get to meet new kids and make new friends."

"And it's something to do during the break that we don't have to organize," Scott Buchan added. The Buchans have two youngsters taking part in art and dance classes.

skpic play in the park

Regina's Graham Born took his youngsters to Candy Cane Park Monday for some outdoor fun during the week long break. (CBC)

The key, many parents said, is good planning.

Graham Born knew the break was coming up and was happy to spend some extra time with his three kids, doing activities around the house and outside, in a nearby park.

"We always know what's coming," Born said. " We knew this was coming and we already had it all planned out."

With files from CBC's Joana Draghici