Saskatchewan's premier says he will be preparing the spring budget with low oil prices in mind.

Brad Wall says that will make for a fairly frugal election campaign for the governing Saskatchewan Party in just a few months.

'We are not going to be making promises that we can't pay for.' - Premier Brad Wall

"It'll be a spartan campaign," Wall said.

"We are not going to be making promises that we can't pay for. Fiscal responsibility's been a cornerstone for our government, it continues to be ... and so we're not going to make promises that would drive deficits to try to get elected."

However, Wall says as was the case during the party's campaign in 2011 — that still leaves room for targeted financial measures.

"We'll be talking about some specific measures we can take perhaps on taxes and specific investments that we may be able to make as a province that are part of our growth plan," Wall said.

The provincial vote is already scheduled for April 4, 2016 which means the campaign will begin sometime in early March.

Wall says if his party is re-elected it will introduce a budget in the legislature soon afterwards.