Brad Wall's take-home pay is augmented by the Saskatchewan Party. ((CBC))

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is defending an extra $37,000 he receives from the Saskatchewan Party which is on top of his $154,247 taxpayer-funded salary.

Wall said Tuesday the additional pay is something the party does to recognize the work leaders do outside of their job in the legislature.

"There are extra duties for party leaders," Wall said. "Most provincial and I think federal parties do it and I think it's a way to recognize that there is work that you do as a party leader that isn't a part of what the taxpayers should have to pay for."

He said the money doesn't come from taxpayers and is reported on his income taxes.

John Nilson, the Leader of the Opposition, said NDP premiers never received a top-up from the party.

"It's how we as New Democrats operate," Nilson said. "Basically people have a job to do and they're being paid to do it and the premier gets one of the highest-paid jobs."

The issue came up because Alberta Premier Alison Redford is under fire to release details on expense money she gets from her Progressive Conservative party.

She says she'll release the information but is deflecting opposition questions on any top-up cash.

With files from CBC's Stefani Langenegger