Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall believes any scheme to impose a levy or tax relating to carbon emissions would be ill-timed, considering the current state of the energy industry.

"There's been some specific challenges in the energy sector," Wall told reporters Friday in Regina. "There's been job losses obviously and the last thing we need right now is a tax increase or a new federal carbon tax or frankly a provincial carbon levy. Now's not the right time for any of those things."

Wall's comments follow a published report suggesting plans are afoot in Ottawa for a national measure aimed at reducing carbon emissions using a price mechanism.

"This is not right for Saskatchewan, and may I say, I don't think it's right for the country right now," Wall said. "The country's economy is not as strong as anyone would like it and I just don't think now's the time for a carbon levy."

Wall added that he expressed his views to other premiers in a conference call Thursday, stating that a carbon tax is "not on" for Saskatchewan. Wall said that other premiers agreed.

Wall said he wants an economic impact assessment done before the federal government moves on any national carbon initiatives.