Two children were treated for bite wounds in Regina Thursday evening after being attacked by a pair of dogs.

Now the dogs, a pair of German shepherds, are being held by the Regina Humane Society while animal protection officers investigate.

The incident happened at a park in the city's Eastview neighbourhood over the supper hour.

911 callers told police a young boy had suffered bite wounds and a girl might have been bitten as well, Regina police said.

After the children took cover on top of a play structure, the dogs continued to lunge at them, according to police dispatch records.

The children, both 11, were taken to hospital and treated for bites. Their current condition hasn't been disclosed, although it's believed the boy received the most serious injuries of the two.

Later in the evening, the two dogs were tracked down. They'll be held for up to 10 days and monitored for illness, officials told CBC News.