Boy charged in attempted murder gets bail

A boy accused in the attempted murder of a warman girl has been released on bail.

13-year-old accused of stabbing Warman girl, 13

A boy, 13, charged in an attempted murder in Warman will be released on bail. 

Police arrested the boy in Warman shortly after a 13 year-old-girl was stabbed outside of her home on Sept. 13. 

A judge ruled in Saskatoon Tuesday afternoon that the boy will be released into his parents' custody. He must stay in their home each night between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. The boy is also not allowed to be in contact with the alleged victim, and must stay clear of her home and school. The judge has said he is not allowed to have any alcohol, drugs or weapons, and he is only allowed to have a knife when he is eating. 

Police said following the incident that the girl involved in the case is expected to make a full recovery in hospital.