Tyrese Gray, 6, died after being hit by a truck in Regina on Friday. ((Facebook))

Tyrese Gray's family is struggling to come to terms with the boy's death, after he was hit by a truck on Friday in northwest Regina.

The six-year-old was riding home for supper with his older brother and two friends when he was hit at Arthur Street and 7th Avenue.

His mother, Jackie Gray, says Tyrese's nine-year-old brother, Bobby, saw the accident.

"My son Bobby is suffering quite bad," said Gray. "He runs it over and over in his head, about his brother being hit by a truck. And how the man didn't stop to see if he was OK or anything."

Gray says Bobby ran into the house after the accident to tell her Tyrese was dead.

"I ran to him and then I touched his hand and it was ice cold and I knew he was gone. But the neighbours and the witnesses said I couldn't touch him just in case, because I could cause more damage if he wasn't gone," she told CBC.

"So I didn't get to touch him, but I wanted to."

Tyrese, one of six children, was a very social and active child, his mother said.

"He loved to skateboard and he loved to ride his bike. He loved to be around his family and friends," said Gray.

Police won't say whether the accident was a hit and run, but Gray says police told her they found a truck they believe was involved, and are looking for the driver.