The RCMP released this photo of Lee Bonneau, who died after suffering head injuries on Wednesday. (RCMP)

A little boy who was fatally injured this week on Kahkewistehaw First Nation was last seen playing outside a community hall, his foster father says.

RCMP have identified the six-year-old as Lee Allan Bonneau. 

His foster father Ellis Ramstead said the boy had been with his foster mother, who was playing bingo at the Kahkewistahaw Education and Sports Complex Wednesday night.

She gave him money to go to the canteen for a treat, but the boy was attracted by a small dog or dogs just outside the hall, he said.

Ramstead, who was not present at the centre that night, said his wife was watching the boy as he played with the dogs.

"And then, all of sudden he wasn't around anymore and she got looking for him and they couldn't find him," Ramstead said.

After a 90-minute search, Lee was found with serious head injuries. The RCMP said he was located in an open area along a treeline.

He was taken to hospital in Broadview, where he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy was being conducted Friday. Police said the death is suspicious but haven't said anything about what might have caused his injuries, aside from the fact that they don't believe the dogs hurt the boy.

Ramstead described Lee as kind, shy and naive. In a news release, the RCMP said  Lee's mother described him as a fun-loving boy on his way into Grade 2 who had the deepest laugh and loved being outdoors.

The boy was placed in Ramstead's home just three weeks before he died.

"We are a small community, and a tragedy such as this affects us deeply," said Sheldon Taypotat, the chief of the First Nation.

Kahkewistehaw First Nation is near Broadview, about 160 kilometres east of Regina.


Kahkewistehaw First Nation is near Broadview, about 160 kilometres east of Regina. The boy disappeared after walking outside the Kahkewistahaw Education and Sports Complex. He was found with fatal injuries 90 minutes later. (Google Street View)