A 15-year-old boy who was arrested after four people were stabbed at Regina's Cornwall Centre mall made a brief appearance on multiple charges in youth court Wednesday.

The teenager, standing in the prisoner's box in a province-issued blue jumpsuit, did not look up while his case was dealt with. He'll be back in court on April 29.

skpic stabbings at cornwall

A multiple stabbing took place Tuesday evening at the Cornwall Centre in downtown Regina. (CBC )

Four men were stabbed with a knife inside the busy downtown Regina mall at around 6 p.m. CST Tuesday. Three were rushed to hospital, but none of their injuries are considered life-threatening.

Police confronted a knife-wielding suspect and after a discussion, he threw the knife to the ground. Then officers arrested him.

CBC's Morning Edition spoke to Regina police Staff Sgt. Evan Bray who said police worked late into the night reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses, the victims and the suspect.

The 15-year-old has been charged with:

  • Three counts of aggravated assault.
  • One count of assault with a weapon.
  • Two counts of breach of an undertaking.

Numerous people were in the mall and some said the suspect was wearing a bandana, leading to speculation the bloody attack might have been gang related. 

Bob Morin, deputy police chief skpic

Deputy Regina police chief Bob Morin said there's no known motivation for the stabbing attack that injured four people Tuesday. (CBC)

However, there's no indication that's the case, Bray said. 

"We have nothing linking him to a particular gang," he said.

After making the arrest, police are not looking for further suspects, he said. 

The attack appeared random, with the people who were stabbed not connected to each other, Bray said.

The youth, who was living in Regina and whose name cannot be published, has been remanded in custody.

In a briefing with reporters later in the morning, deputy police chief Bob Morin said it's believed one victim is still in hospital.

Police said they don't know what might have motivated the attacks.

Asked whether the Cornwall Centre attack could have been a copycat crime, linked to the stabbing deaths of five people in Calgary Tuesday, Morin said that's not known.

Morin said he had never seen anything like Tuesday's attacks in his 33 years with the Regina Police Service.

"Have there been other events where people have been injured or suffered an injury? Possibly, and probably," he told reporters. "But certainly not [to] this extent and I'm not sure it would be quite as random or unpredictable as this one was yesterday."