A Regina man is thankful a box of photographs that fell off his truck were found and returned.

Zlatan Fazlagic was moving the box of precious pictures and family records for a friend and colleague, Michael Phillips, when he discovered the carton must have fallen from his truck.

skpic kalen jankoski and chandre lerat-yew

Kalen Jankoski and Chandre Lerat-Yew found the box of photos on College Avenue. (CBC)

He was worried sick.

"I really felt bad. Really bad," Fazlagic told CBC News. "I really wanted to find photos and even when Michael said don't worry about it, I was like no I'm going to find it. I'm determined to find these photos."

Fazlagic turned to social media and put out several messages about the lost items.

As it turned out, a Regina couple, Chandre Lerat-Yew and Kalen Jankoski happened to be driving down College Avenue and spotted the container on the road. They checked it out and when they saw it was full of old photos, they knew they had to find the owner.

"There was a lot of photos. A lot of memories," Lerat-Yew recalled. "We need to get them back to him somehow."

skpic zlatan fazlagic

Zlatan Fazlagic is relieved a lost box of photos was found and returned to him. (CBC)

"I felt really bad for the guy who lost them because it was a box of memories, just gone and disappeared," Jankoski added.

The pair then turned to the internet and, a few searches later, found Fazlagic's Facebook message about the lost pictures.

The items were quickly returned.

"I love those two," Fazlagic said. "They were a very likeable couple. They seemed as happy as I was to reunite me with the photos."

As a measure of gratitude, Fazlagic gave the couple a $500 reward.

The said the money will help them pay their student loans.

With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil