A new book of stories features the Woods Cree language, part of a larger project aimed at preserving First Nations languages.

Author Soloman Ratt says the goal is to ensure the Woods Cree language is not lost.

"Helping to bring the language back is essential," Ratt said Wednesday during a book launch event. "By creating stories and providing those stories and making those stories available to the general public."

Ratt, who teaches linguistics at First Nations University in Regina, said the book includes English text so everyone can appreciate the stories.

"Through the oral story telling a lot of people in this country would not understand us," Ratt explained. "So we provide the service by providing the written text in Cree and in English so that way everybody can understand the lessons behind the stories."

Ratt's book is part of a larger series in which the University of Regina Press plans to publish a book in each of the 60 First Nations languages of Canada.

The book is simply called Woods Cree Stories. There are nine stories in the 138-page volume.