Someone went in for the steal, but it wasn't on the ice. Security cameras at the Callie Curling Club in Regina recorded a man suspected of pilfering prizes from a kids' bonspiel Friday night.

The club's assistant icemaker, Tom Hamon, called the theft "despicable" and "pretty brazen".

curling club thief

Security footage shows a man leaving the building carrying a backpack. (Mike Zartler/CBC)

The youth bonspiel began on Friday, and the winners would have received their prizes Saturday evening at a windup, after playing during the day. Hamon says the tournament drew kids of all ages.

"It's like someone had taken the presents out from under the Christmas tree' - Tom Hamon, assistant icemaker

"We had kids that were anywhere from like eight-years-old and up, so there was quite a wide variety. Quite a wide variety of skillset as well, so for some of them, it was their first bonspiel," he said.

Hamon discovered the prizes were missing when he arrived at the club Saturday morning. They included brand name clothing of all sorts that were donated from tournament sponsors. 

Tom Hamon assistant icemaker callie curling club

Tom Hamon says the theft from the bonspiel for children is 'despicable' and 'pretty brazen'. He discovered the empty prize table Saturday morning when he arrived at the club. (Mike Zartler/CBC)

Hamon said he knew many of the young curlers already had their eye on the prizes Friday, when they were sitting out on a table in the Callie's viewing lounge upstairs.

"They're angling at how they're going to win those. And to then show up Saturday and there's nothing there — it's like someone had taken the presents out from under the Christmas tree," he said.

The Club shared its security footage on its Facebook page, hoping someone would recognize the thief.

empty prize table callie curling club

The prize table at the curling club contained only two pairs of shoes after someone got inside and stole all of the other donated prizes. (Mike Zartler/CBC)

Hamon says, in the meantime, the club gave the young winners at the bonspiel I.O.Us of sorts. They received printed photos similar to the clothes that were stolen. He says the club is going to get more prizes to give to the kids.

According to Hamon, the doors should have been locked and it's not clear exactly how the man got inside. Hamon said the club is taking a closer look at its security practices.