Provincial Auditor Bonnie Lysyk is staying in Saskatchewan, after all. (CBC )

Bonnie Lysyk, who was set to move to Ontario to become that province's auditor general, is staying in Saskatchewan after all.

"I struggled with my decision and I have now come to terms with the fact that I feel that Saskatchewan is where I want to be," Lysyk said Friday. "I really enjoy my office and my staff. I have a lot of great relationships in this province."

Lysyk had announced, in June, that she had accepted the Ontario job and was set to move to Toronto at the end of August.

She was appointed Saskatchewan's auditor in April of 2011.

"I’m two and a half years into my term, which is a 10-year term, and there is a lot as an office we want to continue to pursue and accomplish," she told CBC News. "We have a strategic plan that the whole team here pulled together and put in place and I’d like to work with the group here and see that through."

Lysyk added that the job in Ontario appeared to be a good fit for her family, but circumstances have changed and she had to rethink the move.

"I feel like we’ve started a lot of things here that I’d still like to provide some leadership in completing," she said.

Lysyk has been a voice of criticism over some of the accounting practices of the Saskatchewan government.

In April she released a special report that said the government is presenting an incomplete and misleading picture of its finances.

More recently, in June, she said her office couldn't complete a review on young offenders because it was denied access to key information.

Prior to coming to Saskatchewan, Lysyk worked in the public sector in Manitoba, including roles with that province's Auditor General's Office, Manitoba Hydro and the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission.

With files from The Canadian Press