Regina police are warning the public about a new kind of fraud called the black money scam.

In the past month, police in Saskatchewan's capital city have received two reports about suspects trying to take people in on the con. 

According to the police, the suspects say they have thousands of dollars in bills that have been dyed with black ink.

The target is told that they can wash the money with a special chemical to convert it back to its original state.

What follows is a demonstration using a genuine bill that has been coloured black.

After that, the conman convinces the victim to pay for the money-washing chemical.

However, the rest of "bills" are typically pieces of blank construction paper that have been cut to size, according to the police.

Police didn't say if anyone in Regina has actually paid money for the chemicals, or were just approached.

Similar cons have been reported in other communities in Western Canada, police said.

Police are asking people with information to call the Regina Police Service at (306) 777-6500 or Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.