Saskatoon-Humboldt MP Jim Pankiw says he stands by his views despite two new billboards in Saskatoon that read, "No Pankiw, Thank You."

The billboards are in opposition to pamphlets Pankiw sent out last month, calling supporters of Aboriginal policies racists.

Rodolfo Pino strums a prayer on a small guitar to lend his support in a campaign against Independent Member of Parliament Jim Pankiw.

Pino is with the Saskatchewan Intercultural Association. He delivers his prayer underneath one of two new Saskatoon billboards that read, "Racism-Free Zone — No Pankiw, Thank You."

Don Kossick is with the Citizens for a Community of Mutual Respect, the group that put up the signs.

"We feel that what he says fosters racism, and our community, as anybody knows, in Saskatoon, is right on the edge, we've had horrible things happen here. We're trying to build a community of mutual respect and what he does divides that."

Pankiw defends his position which, among other things, seeks an end to the Indian Act, Aboriginal hunting and fishing priviledge and First Nations tax exemptions.

Pankiw is hoping his views will earn him the mayor's job in Saskatoon in a municipal election in the fall. He isn't shy about what he thinks of his opponents in that race.

"If these are the kind of sleazy individuals who oppose my platform of common sense, equality, and fairness," says Pankiw, "I'll have no trouble winning on October twenty second."

The citizens group is calling for charges against Pankiw for inciting hatred against First Nations people. They are also looking to erect more billboards and maybe lawn signs to get their message out.