A man is in hospital with head injuries following a severe thunderstorm that damaged a hunting and fishing resort campground near Big River, Sask., early Monday morning.

A major plough wind struck the Poplar Point Resort at around 3 a.m. local time, uprooting trees and breaking off branches as a result.

Big River, Sask

Resort owner Victor Dorval told CBC News that many campers' vehicles were written off as a result of the storm, which ripped the roof off his own house.

Even worse, Dorval said his brother was seriously injured when a tree branch fell and split open his head.

"He was inside his camper and their camper got crushed with the trees, and they didn't know what to do, so they stepped out and then he got hit," Dorval said Monday.

Dorval said his brother was rushed to Shellbrook Hospital, where doctors are trying to control the swelling in his brain.

Police say the man's injuries are non-life-threatening. Everyone at the Poplar Point Resort has been accounted for, according to officials.

Fire crews are helping to remove debris, in order to allow access to the area.

Paul Watier, a first responder at the resort, said it took 1½ hours to cut through all the trees in order to get to the resort.

"We had to use chainsaws, like, right from the very beginning, from the highway going all the way in to the campsite," Watier said.