Big melt around the corner for Saskatchewan

Weather forecasts suggest much of Saskatchewan could quickly pivot from deep freeze with snow to milder than normal with lots of melting.

City of Saskatoon advises homeowners to be ready

The weather forecast for Saskatchewan suggests a quick transition from winter to spring over the weekend. (CBC)

Weather forecasts suggest much of Saskatchewan could quickly pivot from deep freeze with snow to milder than normal with lots of melting.

According to CBC weather specialist Farah Singh, Saturday will be a transition day. Gusts of up to 70 km/h are possible for the south western portion of the province on Saturday.

The big melt could start Sunday when the high temperature is expected to reach 3°C. The normal high for this time of year is around -3°C.

"In short, expect balmy weekend temperatures with strong winds Saturday," Singh reported Friday. "Sunday into Thursday next week we can enjoy daytime highs around 0°C and overnight lows around -7°C.

The prospect of a quick turnaround from winter to spring has the City of Saskatoon reminding property owners to take precautions against flooding.

"If the snow melts quickly, your home may be at risk of flooding, even if you haven't flooded before," the city noted on its website.

Homeowners should consider the following tips:

  • Remove snow from around your foundation. Pay particular attention to the areas around window wells.
  • Most lots drain along the outside edges. Remove snow from these areas.
  • Keep the snow in your yard. Shovelling onto streets or lanes could block drains.
  • Help keep catch basins clear. Where possible, safely clear snow, ice and debris from the catch basins in your area.
  • Clear snow and ice from around the bottom of your downspouts and extend the downspouts at least two metres so that water drains away from your foundation.
  • Check your roof and eavestroughs for excess snow. Consider hiring a professional to clear snow from your roof. A roof rake may help to clear the snow and debris from the edge of your roof.
  • Consider using sandbags to block water from entering low lying areas beside your foundation.

[Source: City of Saskatoon]

The city said crews will begin defrosting catch basins as soon as it is warm enough to do so effectively, adding that key  intersections that may experience flooding in a fast melt are surveyed and monitored.


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