One of Saskatchewan's most bountiful harvests ever is virtually done. Now ... where to put all that wheat, barley and canola.

According to Thursday's provincial crop forecast, only three per cent of the crops are still waiting to be combined.

Dry conditions allowed most farmers to take off their crops ahead of schedule. The five-year average for this time of year is 91 per cent combined, compared to the current 97 per cent.

It's a big reversal of fortune after wet conditions forced many farmers to seed several weeks late in the spring.

There was rain last week in the southeast and east-central regions — up to 47 millimetres in some areas — and that slowed down harvest for those spots.

Many farmers have been reporting both good quality crops and higher-than-average yields.

In some areas, grain bins are full. Huge grain piles have been spotted around the prairies.

Some crop damage due to rain has been reported. There has been bleaching and sprouting in some cereal crops.