A Saskatchewan family's long battle to take possession of its custom-made vehicle may finally be over.

After two years, Transport Canada has agreed to letting SGI inspect the half-pickup, half-SUV built for the Morris family.

Alison and Edwin Morris, had the vehicle made in the U.S. after deciding that a 15-passenger van would not be the safest option for their eight children. 

Morris said she wanted it to have four-wheel drive for driving on rural roads.

But when the couple wanted to bring the vehicle home to the Lampman, Sask. area, they were stopped at the border.

Since then, the extra-long, $90,000 vehicle has been sitting in a parking lot at the North Portal border crossing after the federal agency maintained it does not comply with import guidelines.

Officials told the couple that according to Transport Canada regulations, vehicles that have been modified outside the country must be recertified, which is not a simple procedure.

After provincial officials stepped in to help, the family will have the vehicle inspected by SGI, and if it passes they will finally be able to drive it in Saskatchewan.