Bicyclist dies after hit and run

Saskatoon police are looking for the driver of a dark coloured vehicle that struck a bicyclist and dragged the rider a short distance on Saturday night.

Police say a dark coloured vehicle hit the rider and left the scene

A bicyclist hurt in a weekend hit and run in Saskatoon has died from his injuries.

It happened on Saturday at 10:25 p.m. CST near the intersection of 23rd Street and Avenue U N.

In a new release, police said they found the 32-year-old man badly injured at the scene. He was transported to hospital, but has since died of his injuries.

Police said that due to poor lighting, little is known about the vehicle involved. Witnesses described it as dark in colour.

Witnesses also told police that the vehicle was stopped and that the bicyclist may have been involved in a shouting match with people inside.

Police said the victim may have been leaning against the suspect vehicle when it sped away, dragging him a short distance. The dark coloured vehicle was last seen heading south on Avenue W.

Saskatoon police are looking for the driver of the vehicle. Investigators think it may have damage, such as scrapes along the passenger side.

Anyone with information about the suspect vehicle or its driver are asked to contact Saskatoon Police.