A small crate crammed with a long list of items, including a bible and a user manual for an iPad, was placed inside a wall of the Saskatchewan legislative building Thursday — with instructions it not be opened for 100 years.

The contents, mostly aimed at providing a snapshot of life in 2012, include several photographs, among those:

  • Aerial shots of Regina and Saskatoon.
  • A photo of the menu and price list from the cafeteria in the legislature.
  • A picture of a burrowing owl.
  • A photo of Premier Brad Wall.
  • Photos of the aerobatic jet team, the Snowbirds.

The time capsule was placed by Wall in the same spot where another time capsule — from 1909 — was found and removed in December, 2011.


A shiny new crate for the 2012 time capsule contains dozens of items giving a sense of life in our times. (Stefani Langenegger/CBC)

That capsule contained a newspaper of the day, a phone directory as well as several government publications and a handful of pictures of dignitaries.

"The items we've included in the capsule give a sense of our culture and our history and of of who we are as a people," Wall said. "I hope they convey to those 100 years hence the optimism and the energy, the vibrancy that is Saskatchewan today."

Wall also wrote a letter to future generations which was sealed and placed in the new capsule.

The people who read that letter will also get to see samples of carpet from the legislative assembly, a birch bark biting and a selection of seeds.

They will also find a $100 bill, a $50 bill, a Saskatchewan Roughriders loonie, and a penny.


With files from CBC's Stefani Langenegger