Additional mandatory gear SGI skpic

A report contains recommendations to make motorcycle riding safer was released Tuesday. (CBC)

A group looking at ways to make motorcycles safer is recommending that new riders and passengers be forced to wear more safety gear to protect their eyes, arms and legs.

It's one of a number of recommendations, released Tuesday, made by the province's Motorcycle Review Committee.

Tougher equipment requirements would mean new riders couldn't wear, for example, half-helmets, which sit on top of the head and don't provide any neck protection.

Instead, as a minimum, a 3/4 helmet that covers the neck and part of the face would be required.

The committee also wants to make goggles mandatory for new users if the helmet doesn't provide eye protection.

Currently, goggles aren't required if there's a windshield.

Riders in the graduated licence program would also have to have their arms and legs covered, put on gloves and wear ankle-covering boots. 

It also recommends a number of other changes including increased requirements for riders to get a learner's permit and incentives for them to take training.

However, the group stopped short of recommending mandatory training.

A requirement that experienced riders must wear eye protection is another one of the recommendations. 

Don Fuller, a member of the committee as well as a member of the lobby group Riders Against Government Exploitation, said the new equipment rules are sensible.

"To put [riders] in protective clothing at least for the first three years gives them a bit better chance to come through that trial stage without any impairment," he said.

It is now up to the government to decide which of the recommendations to implement.