The bell of Batoche, which garnered national attention during this year's Back to Batoche festival, has now been immortalized in a song.

The bell was stolen from the Batoche community 128 years ago by the Canadian Army.

After changing hands a few times, it returned to Batoche on July 20, during the Back to Batoche festival before being placed on display at the St. Boniface Museum in Winnipeg.

Zachary Richard, a folk artist who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, wrote the song "La cloche de Batoche" out of respect for the Métis people.

"It's basically an expression, in as poetic of a way as I could, of Métis pride," Richard said. "That is what the bell symbolizes."

Richard wrote the song about a year ago. Richard said he has always had a deep respect for Canada's Métis people.

"When I found out that the bell had been "discovered" and was going to be returned to Batoche, I said, "Well this is just too good of an opportunity to miss."

Click the song title to hear Zachary Richard's La cloche de Batoche.