EMT supervisor Sandy Rediron faces discipline from the professional body that oversees paramedics. (YouTube)

Two paramedics working in Beauval, Sask., are being punished for professional misconduct.

Sandy Rediron, a supervisor for EMT services in the northern community, and Charlene Roy, a first responder, have pleaded guilty to ethics violations which included falsifying records by padding the number of EMTs who actually responded to a call.

In doing so, they were able to earn extra money, as if they had attended a call.

Rediron also hired people to work as paramedics who were not licensed by the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics.

College officials met with their discipline committee Friday in Regina to consider the case and what penalty should be imposed.

They are looking at fines, demotions and a 14-day suspension.

The discipline committee contemplated a longer suspension, but noted that Beauval's ambulance service would then face a possible staffing crunch.

The pair were not available for comment as they are vacationing together outside the country.

The couple are in a relationship, according to the college, and the discipline committee also suggested the pair not work together in the future.

The college is expected to determine a sentence in about two weeks.

According to information from the college, the professional misconduct relating to adding their names to ambulance calls happened over several dates in 2008.

The hiring of unlicenced paramedics involved several individuals who worked in the community for months and, in two cases, many years.

Beauval is about 400 kilometres north of Saskatoon.

With files from CBC's Dani Mario