Be wary of vital documents from 3rd parties, Sask. woman says

A Saskatchewan woman is warning others to be careful when ordering vital documents online through a third party.

A Saskatchewan woman is warning others to be careful when ordering vital documents online through a third party. 

Cynthia Beck says she made a mistake when she ordered birth certificates from a website for a private company that looked official. 

It turned out, it wasn't a government enterprise. 

"I feel duped," said Beck. "At no time did I realize I was dealing with a third party."    

Beck said she paid almost three times what it would have cost to order the certificates from the government. 

"What's the difference on going on their website, and going on the government agency's website, other than $130 difference?" Beck asked. 

She feels the online company was misleading because it looked so official. When she phoned the company and said she didn't know it had been privatized, the person on the other end didn't explain, she said.

Beck said she wishes she had done more research and ordered the documents right from the province. 

Third-party companies that obtain birth certificates are legal in Canada.  

"Individuals can authorize anyone to actually obtain a birth certificate on their behalf," said Susan Antosh, the CEO of Saskatchewan eHealth. "We only issue it to individuals, but you could authorize your mother, you could authorize a third party."

Beck is warning other people to be vigilant online, to save money and protect their information. 

The province recommends ordering vital documents directly from eHealth. 


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