Barbie dons RCMP dress uniform

Barbie has been suited up in the style of many different professions over the years, but now the iconic doll's got a job with a Canadian connection.

Limited edition of iconic doll comes in red serge, stetson and boots

The limited edition RCMP Barbie is part of a 'Dolls of the World' collection that places the iconic doll in clothing that symbolizes different countries. (CBC)

Barbie has been suited up in the style of many different professions over the years, but now the iconic doll's got a job with a Canadian connection. 

She has donned the red serge and stetson of an RCMP officer. 

Bianca McGregor, the marketing director at the RCMP Heritage Centre, the Regina museum attached to the Mounties' nearby academy, says the new RCMP Barbie is wearing a mostly accurate recreation of the Mounties' distinct formal uniform, though her long hair might not cut it for a recruit.

"Her uniform is pretty correct," McGregor said. "Her hair is not held back so she probably wouldn't pass inspection, but I'm sure [the officers] will overlook that little discrepancy."

The limited edition is part of a "Dolls of the World" collection that places Barbie in clothing that symbolizes different countries. 

McGregor said 80 RCMP Barbies have just arrived in the museum's souvenir shop. They cost $30 each. The limited edition dolls are also available elsewhere in Canada and the U.S., and online through the official Mountie Shop site. 

Barbie is not the first toy to come up through the Mountie ranks — she joins Elmo, Cookie Monster and a stuffed polar bear named Sergeant Snowflake who have, separately, also donned the red serge. 


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