Saskatoon city councillor Myles Heidt is proposing a wintertime parking ban on RVs in residential areas. ((City of Saskatoon))

A Saskatoon city councillor is proposing a seasonal ban on people being able to park their recreational vehicles in their front driveways.

Ward 4 Coun. Myles Heidt said a number of people have complained that the RVs are so large — and to some, ugly — that they have become an imposing eyesore.

The veteran councillor said a city committee would draw up a report on options for an RV parking restriction over the fall and winter months, when most people don't drive their motor homes.

People expressed their dislike of the large RVs when Heidt was out knocking on doors in his ward last fall, he said.

"All you see is a trailer when you look out your living room window," Heidt said of some people's experience.

Heidt's proposal has prompted a few RV owners to pen indignant complaint letters to the city, despite the fact it has a long way to go before it ever reaches a debate and vote by city council.

'It's going to be like a Saskatoon camping tax on trailer owners.' —Ken Ellis, RV owner

Ken Ellis, who owns a 10-metre-long RV, fears owners of commercial parking lots would gouge owners of the machines if the city imposed a parking ban.

"It's going to be like a Saskatoon camping tax on trailer owners … to park outside of town it'd cost you anywhere about $300 to park for the year," Ellis said.

"Once there's a demand and once [the parking ban] starts it's never going to come down — it's only going to get more expensive over time," he said.

The ban is somewhat of a revival of a similar city proposal that was shot down 10 years ago. The city refused to ban RVs from being parked in residential areas over the winter.

In Regina, however, it's a different story. A city bylaw prohibits RVs being parked in front yards except in summertime.