Baby Dilynn Ireland arrived into the world in the middle of the morning — on the side of the highway between Biggar, Sask., and Saskatoon.

The child came a month early, but is doing fine.

The adventure for her parents, Tracy and Chad Ireland, began around midnight Thursday when contractions started.

Tracy figured they had plenty of time to make the trip to the hospital in Saskatoon.

However, about half way along the route, things changed.

"By the time I had my next contraction part of the head was already out in my hand," Tracy recalled Friday. "So I told Chad at that point, 'You have to stop.'"

The couple phoned 911 and an ambulance dispatcher talked them through the delivery.

"She come out and came into my arms and she started to cry a bit and I put her on Tracy quickly and grabbed a blanket and put her in that," Chad Ireland said.

"I was scared," Tracy added, "but I just knew it had to be done. I knew help was on the way."

Asquith, Sask

Paramedics arrived within minutes and the family was swiftly taken to hospital in Saskatoon.

Dilynn weighs five pounds, two ounces and will remain in hospital for another day or so.

Biggar is about 95 kilometres west of Saskatoon.

The couple had pulled over near Asquith, with about 40 kilometres to go before their destination.


With files from CBC's Steve Pasqualotto