Leona Noble

Leona Noble winds rosaries around a cross at the former home of her daughter Katelyn, who vanished from Radisson, Sask., six years ago. (Kathy Fitzpatrick/CBC)

For the third time since Katelyn Noble disappeared, her mother has come to the town where she was last seen — Radisson, SK.

This time, Leona Noble brought a metal detector.  She's looking for the necklace Katelyn always wore or maybe part of a zipper from her clothing.  Noble is hopeful for any clue that could point to what happened to her.

"I just would like her back home to B.C so I can go somewhere and sit and cry or talk to her.," Leona said. "

Today Noble and more than a dozen volunteers are launching a fresh ground search. They're combing over a boggy, wooded area around Radisson Lake, a few kilometres north of the little yellow house by Highway 16 where Katelyn had been living with her boyfriend.

Noble says she got a tip to search there from a man in Saskatoon who knows Katelyn's boyfriend and one of his associates.

"This is just up the road from where she lived," Leona said. "It's a bird reserve. There's no one that would have any reason to come out here. It would just be probably a really good dumping place for a body."

Katelyn disappeared more than six years ago, at the age of 15.

The search for her will continue through the weekend.