While the rest of Canada will be adjusting their clocks this weekend as daylight saving time ends, Saskatchewan won't — for the most part.

Most of Saskatchewan is on Central Standard Time year round.

However, there are several communities that sync their clocks to either Alberta or Manitoba.

The best known is Lloydminster, the city that straddles the Alberta-Saskatchewan border but is on Mountain Time.

That means in the summer Lloydminster clocks are on the same time as Saskatchewan's but in the winter, they're an hour behind.

Meanwhile, a small number of communities near the Manitoba border, including Creighton and Denare Beach, sync their clocks with that province.

That meant, for example, when it was 8 p.m. in Carrot River on Halloween, it was 9 p.m. in Creighton.

Starting Sunday, these eastern communities will be back on the same time as the majority of Saskatchewan residents.

TIME FOR A CHANGE: Sask. communities that will adjust their clocks