Dog shot with arrow

This dog was found with an arrow stuck in her on a property about 40 kilometres northeast of Regina. (Facebook)

Tegen Rhind has been raising money to help cover the vet bills for Arrow, a dog that was found seriously injured — pierced by an arrow — in January.

Tegen's creative energies and generous spirit were appreciated by the rescue group CC RezQs. Members of the group took the dog, which was found northeast of Regina, to get medical treatment.

They also found a foster home for Arrow and have been asking for donations to ensure the dog would get follow up treatment for her injuries.

Tegen, seven, has been selling hand-crafted bookmarks and gave $1,000 to help Arrow.

"It takes a lot of stress off of our backs," Caillin Rodonets, from the rescue group, said Wednesday. "[The donation] allows us to do what we want to do and not have to worry about the financial side of it."

tegen rhind book marks

Tegen Rhind has been making bookmarks to raise money to help a rescued dog. (Brie Rhind/Submitted to CBC)

To show their appreciation, the rescue group plans to introduce Arrow to Tegen sometime soon.

Rodonets said the dog is now moving around with ease and loves being petted. They are waiting to learn if Arrow will need surgery.

The group believes the dog was a stray.

It was found Jan. 31 northeast of Regina.