An American man accused of illegally crossing the border into Canada — allegedly riding a bicycle and carrying guns and an axe — has been arrested  in Saskatchewan and faces 14 charges.

The man, whose name has not been released, faces five customs charges and nine weapons charges, RCMP Sgt. Darryl Milo said.  

RCMP made the arrest Wednesday after a resident of Bromhead, Sask., reported seeing a man dressed in camouflage clothing, riding a bicycle and carrying what looked like a machete.

When the RCMP caught up with the man near Bromhead, which is about 30 kilometres north of the border with North Dakota, he was heading north, apparently on his way to Regina, Milo said.

In a search of the man and his backpack, RCMP uncovered a rifle, a handgun and an axe, Milo said. Both guns were loaded.

"He was co-operative and friendly, but he didn't give up too much information," Milo said.

He originally claimed to be a Canadian but had a "fairly deep southern accent," Milo said.

Police say they believe he crossed the border at an unguarded area between two entry points.

The man said he was going to Regina to visit someone. There was no "evil" intention to the visit, according to the statement he gave police, Milo said.

The man is being held in Regina and is scheduled to appear in court in Estevan on Monday.