Are veterinary bills making you growl?

On Friday, CBC's Marketplace is going undercover to reveals five ways you could be getting dinged at the vet.

Although the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association (SVMA) provides their members with average cost guidelines, they are just suggestions.

Judy Currie, an employee with the SVMA, said pet owners have to be vigilant and ask their vets to break down the price of treatment.

We have a fee guide that we recommend and encourage our members to use, but there's no requirement," Currie said. "Ask lots of questions and if the client doesn't feel they're getting the information they need, ask even more questions."

Duston Panko's scruffy English shepherd named Miss Magoo had an itch she could not seem to scratch.
After spending $3,000, Panko and his fiancé wound up with more problems than an empty wallet.

"In the end, we started developing symptoms," Panko said. "We went online and found out it was mange."

They have all since been cured, but Panko wonders if they paid too much.