Hundreds of people gathered at the Italian Club in Regina Sunday to celebrate the 15th year of the Spring Free From Racism event. 

Judy Cobsar is one of the founders of the event, and she said it first started because a lot of people were moving to Saskatchewan from Africa and Europe who had an accent in English. 

"We had problems with main stream society accepting them," said Cobsar. "And sometimes they had problems with the colour of their skin, not only the accent. This happened in the workforce as well as in the school system."

She said the event was meant to address some of these issues, to help others understand some of the cultural differences. 

Cobsar said there have been changes over the year, but we still have work to do. 

"Racism is alive and well, and it may not be as blatant as it is in some other parts of the world because in Canada it's very subtle," she said. 

Nelson Eng has been coming for the past five years because he said the event is important for the city. He has a booth serving traditional Chinese food. 

"There is no difference between me and you," said Eng. "We belong to one world. One world, one nation, we should work together to rebuild our country, Canada."

The city's mayor Michael Fougere was also there to celebrate Regina's different cultures. 

"We're celebrating our differences, and you could see by all the different foods, and different colours, dance and music here, that we are a mosaic of Canada," he said.

"So we need to show and demonstrate every day that we have tolerance and understanding and inclusion in our city."