Anti-gay activists Peter LaBarbera and Bill Whatcott have been found not guilty of mischief.

In April, LaBarbera, a U.S. citizen with a group called Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and Whatcott, a longtime anti-gay crusader in Saskatchewan, got into trouble while distributing literature on the campus.

A university official asked the two to leave.

They refused, police were called, and they were taken away in handcuffs. Later they were charged with mischief under the Criminal Code.

Today, Bill Whatcott reacted to the not guilty ruling by saying he'll return to the campus some time next year.

"They need to be a free and open place that allows debate and so I hope they reconsider their position and that they welcome debate or at least tolerate it," Whatcott said. "People with views that differ from theirs have a right to try to make their case on a publicly-funded campus."

Peter LaBarbera is in the United States and didn't attend court.

At their trial in October, court heard they were asked to leave the campus because their activities violated the U of R's policy on maintaining a respectful work environment.