A herd of cattle in southern Saskatchewan has been hit with an outbreak of anthrax.

Officials with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Friday that 12 cows were destroyed because of the outbreak.

While anthrax is rarely a problem for humans, it is often deadly for animals.

The affected animals were from a herd in the Fillmore area, about 110 kilometres south of Regina.

The case follows an earlier outbreak which hit a herd of bison in the Weyburn area, southeast of Regina.

Experts say excessive moisture may be a factor in the outbreak.

"If you get situations where you get a lot of rain or flooding or excavation of the soil ... these [anthrax] spores come to the surface," Dr. Lynn Bates, a veterinarian with the CFIA, said Friday.

"When animals are out grazing on pastures the spores are available to them, and if the conditions are right and they don't have any immunity against the disease, then the possibility of them dying from anthrax is there."

Bates is recommending ranchers vaccinate herds to guard against anthrax.