A house near Regina that had 102 snakes removed last month now has 119 more.

Experts believe the harmless garter snakes ended up in the basement of the home when they were looking for a warm place to spend the winter.

The first 102 were removed and most of them were relocated to a nature preserve.

Now, 119 have been found in the basement of the same house. It's not clear if they're all new snakes or if some of the previous snakes have returned.

The family hasn't wanted their name made public.

The snakes are being removed and cared for by Salthaven West, a local wildlife rehabilitation organization.

Even after the 119 snakes are removed, there could still be another hundred or so hidden in cracks and crevices of the house, Salthaven West says.

On mobile? Click here to see some of the wriggling snakes found at a Regina-area house. Or click here to see some of the 146 garter snakes now at the Salthaven West centre.