Mark is a 29-year-old man from Dorintosh, Sask., who is the heart and soul of Healing Haven wildlife rehabilitation.

Mark's dedication and perseverance has given voice to all manner of wildlife and is the only centre in Sask. that is able to take in bear cubs.

Mark continually inspires children and adults through his actions and educational presentations which are all done on a volunteer basis.

Although this facility requires endless amounts of time energy and resources, Mark continues to persevere with a positive attitude and smile.

Mark's passion for the animals he cares for fosters, in many, a new found respect for wildlife and the value these animals contribute to our environment.

Mark's work also inspires others to volunteer their time and resources in order to keep this facility open and well-maintained.

Thank you Mark for helping those who can't help themselves and inspiring us to do more. Well done.

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