Motorists in Balcarres were directed away from Highway 10, following a leak of anhydrous ammonia from a storage tanks east of town. (Adam Hunter/CBC)

Winds were blowing in the right direction Tuesday, reducing the danger associated with a leak of anhydrous ammonia from a storage tank east of Regina.

Employees of a fertilizer company noticed the leak and notified authorities.

That led to a temporary closure of Highway 10 about five kilometres east of Balcarres while the product was removed from the leaking tank.

The wind was blowing away from populated areas.

Anhydrous ammonia can be fatal when there is exposure to high concentrations of the product. It is used as a farm fertilizer, and is flammable and caustic.

In addition to Highway 10, RCMP closed other roads in the area. All the closures have since been ended.

The tank contained about 70 tonnes of anhydrous ammonia.

Balcarres has a population of about 600 and is located about 100 kilometres northeast of Regina.

RCMP Staff-Sgt. Earl Nini said there was a conversation about evacuating the community, but the wind was blowing the toxic gas away from it.

Nini said it was believed a portion of the tank blew off due to wind and that led to the leak.

With files from The Canadian Press