A Saskatoon bus driver who became agitated during an encounter with a stubborn pedestrian will return to work, officials say. (YouTube)

The Saskatoon bus driver who was suspended while officials investigated an angry confrontation with a pedestrian will return to work, transit officials say.

Video of the episode, which took place a week ago, shows the driver swearing and calling on bystanders to move a stubborn pedestrian away from the front of his bus.

"We don't discuss internal staff matters with the general public," Bob Howe, Saskatoon's manager of transit services told CBC News Friday. "But what I can tell you is that the operator will be coming back to work.  But that's as far as I can comment on."

Howe said the date for the return to work was still being worked out.

He added all bus drivers will get additional training on how to deal with the public.

"When there has been a breach of protocol we reiterate the training [and] go through the whys and why-nots, so to speak," Howe said. "That's all just part of the training — and refresher training — and to ensure that we follow protocol when incidents like this occur."

Witnesses to the confrontation told CBC News it appeared the pedestrian stood in front of the bus as a reaction to the driver honking his horn as the pedestrian crossed the road in the path of the bus.