SaskEnergy says about 50 customers have asked to have their wireless modules disconnected. ((CBC))

There's been public anxiety about new power meters lately — now it appears some homeowners are worried about their natural gas meters, too.
SaskEnergy says it's been getting hundreds of calls about its gas meters.
Unlike SaskPower, the natural gas utility is not replacing old meters with "smart" meters.

However, some customers are worried about the new wireless modules that are being added to existing mechanical meters, SaskEnergy spokesman Dave Burdeniuk said.

The widgets, which have been installed at 85,000 locations, are designed to send readings automatically to the company. 

But in the wake of problems with smart power meters — including 10 fires — some are worried about safety with their gas meters too. 

SaskEnergy says the modules are safe, but if customers are still worried, they can call and have them deactivated. 

So far, that's happened in about 50 cases.

Burdeniuk added that there have been no malfunctions with any of SaskEnergy's wireless meters.