skpic RCMP done katie couric show

RCMP Cpl. Doug Green on the set with show host Katie Couric and an aerial drone. (Courtesy: Katie Couric Show)

Katie Couric, the American news journalist and talk show host, showcased an amazing use of drone technology to rescue a man lost in Saskatchewan last year.

RCMP Cpl. Doug Green, the officer who operated the aerial drone that played a key role in the rescue, visited New York City Tuesday for an appearance on Katie.

"When I heard about this I thought, 'Gosh the hours that someone has to spend waiting to get rescued for one reason or another will be cut dramatically shorter because of the use of this technology,'" Couric said in her interview with Green.

Green recounted how the RCMP's aerial drone helped lead searchers to the location of a disoriented man who wandered away from a highway crash.

"This was our first successful search and rescue and a lot of things came into play and we had a successful result," Green said.

The highway crash happened near St. Denis, east of Saskatoon, in May of 2013. The drone used by the RCMP was made by Draganfly Innovations, a Saskatoon company.