Emissions from Alberta's oilsands are blowing into Saskatchewan, environmental studies say. ((Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press))

Saskatchewan and Alberta are close to coming to an agreement on how they'll share information about the impact of oilsands emissions on the environment.

Saskatchewan Environment Minister Dustin Duncan says an acid deposition framework between Saskatchewan and Alberta will be brought forward this spring.

He says it will ensure the provinces are collecting data using the same science, so it's apples to apples comparisons.

But critics says an air monitoring agreement doesn't go far enough to address concerns about potential damage.

Opposition New Democrat Len Taylor says monitoring will help, but the government also needs to be talking about mitigation and compensation.

Alberta's oilsands are just west of the boundary between the two provinces.

The massive industrial plants emit more than 150,000 tonnes of acid-rain-causing gases every year and previous studies have suggested that about 70 per cent of those gases blow into Saskatchewan.