If there's any doubt Saskatchewan dominates potash production in North America, a new report notes than nine out of 10 of the continent's biggest potash projects are in the Canadian province.


A crystalizer unit was being transported to the K+S potash mine site near Bethune earlier this year. It's one of 17 potash projects underway in Saskatchewan, a report says. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

The research company Industrial Info Resources says it is tracking 27 active potash projects in North America worth $34.34 billion.

Saskatchewan alone has 17 projects in the works that are worth a total of $30.7 billion.

Looking at the top 10 projects by value, only one is in a place other than Saskatchewan. That's the $1.9-billion mine being built by Passport Potash at Holbrook, Arizona.

The nine Saskatchewan projects, in order of magnitude, are:

  • 1. $3.7 billion: K+S Potash is building its Legacy mine near Bethune.
  • 2. $3.5 billion: Vale is continuing with feasibility studies for a mine in Kronau.
  • 3. $3.3 billion: Western Potash Corp. is looking for financing for a mine near Milestone.
  • 4. $3 billion: North Atlantic Potash and Rio Tinto are studying a plan to have a mine near Southey.
  • 5. $3 billion: Yancoal Canada Resources is also looking at a mine near Southey and has a feasibility study underway.
  • 6. $2.8 billion: PotashCorp is expanding its underground mine at Rocanville.
  • 7. $2.6 billion: BHP Billiton is  building a mine and mill near Jansen Lake that's part of a three-year, $16-billion project.
  • 8. $2.5 billion: Encanto Potash is working with the Muskowekwan First Nation on a mine near Lestock that would produce 2.8 million tonnes per year.
  • 9. $1.5 billion: Mosaic Company has a project underway near Esterhazy with completion set for the end of 2016.

Figures are given in U.S. dollars.

MAP: Saskatchewan's 9 biggest potash projects