regina police

Regina police are reminding parents and guardians to speak to their children about strangers, after a report of an alleged luring attempt this weekend.

Just before noon on Sunday, police were called to the 1200 Block of Baird Street in Northwest Regina.

An eight-year-old-girl and a seven-year-old girl told police that a strange man attempted to lure them into his car.

The girls are from outside the city and were visiting their extended family in Regina. Police say they had gone to their friend's house to ask her to play, but she was not there.

Earlier in the day the girls had seen the man walking around in the area. On their way home from their friend's house, they said they saw the same man again, this time in a car.

According to the girls, the man asked them to get into his car to look for candy. The girls went back to their friend's house to ask for help and explained the man did not hurt or touch them.

The man is described as having short brown hair, glasses and was wearing a blue plaid shirt.

The girls described the man's vehicle as a four-door silver car with a dent on the trunk.

Officers are investigating but have not identified a suspect or found the vehicle. They say they will re-interview the girls at the earliest opportunity to get more information.

Police send safety reminder to parents

While an investigation is underway, police are underscoring the importance of speaking to children about safety and they have some tips for parents.

  • Create a safety plan or a safe code word that only the child and the parent knows.
  • The child should always be aware of his or her surroundings.
  • If a person the child doesn't know approaches him or her, tell the child to scream or find a way to draw attention to themselves .
  • The child should also run to a safe place if he or she is approached.
  • Children can trust people in uniform including police and firefighters.
  • Contact police to report any suspicious activity.