Cambridge Turbos' Stacey Cunningham takes a shot on Edmonton WAM!'s Keely Brown on Saturday at the national championship game in Saskatoon. ((Alan McEachern/Ringette Canada))

The Canadian ringette championships wrapped up in Saskatoon on Saturday with two Alberta teams winning their divisions and another division title going to Ontario.

The National Ringette League championship was awarded to Edmonton WAM! In the league division final, Edmonton WAM! beat the reigning champion Cambridge Turbos 2-0.

"It is an incredible feeling," the team's Keely Brown said after the win. "We worked hard all year and put a very diverse team on the ice. We remained calm, didn't panic and we didn't let the little things matter."

Brown faced 25 shots in the game and recorded the shutout for Edmonton.

Edmonton's goal-scorers were Amy Basnett and Jennifer Hartley.

"This is a huge win, we played solid and I had no doubt we would take it," Basnett said. "It was nice to capture such a decisive win."

Twenty-eight teams participated in the event.

The under-16 division championship went to Alberta, which defeated Quebec 8-7 in overtime.

In the under-19 division, Ontario won the championship by defeating Alberta 4-3 in the final.