A former Saskatchewan man with a violent criminal past will face a dangerous offender hearing — a process that could see him jailed for the rest of his life.

In March, Cory Bitternose, 39, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and assaulting two women in Banff in July 2008. On Monday, Crown prosecutors in Banff applied for a dangerous offender hearing as part of Bitternose's sentencing.

A dangerous offender designation would allow Bitternose to be locked up indefinitely, although he could appeal the designation.

The hearing will likely start April 13, 2010, in Banff, and will last at least two weeks, a spokesperson for Alberta Justice told CBC News Tuesday.

"Looking at his [Bitternose's] past, we just think he possesses a serious kind of threat and should be jailed indefinitely," said spokesperson Jay O'Neill.

Bitternose's criminal history includes several assaults in Regina in 2004, including one attack in which he forced a woman to have sex with him repeatedly, slapping her face when she refused.

He also beat one man so badly the victim needed facial surgery.

The Crown in Saskatchewan had considered seeking dangerous offender status for Bitternose, but decided against it.

Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench Justice Ian McLellan warned Bitternose when he sentenced him that he would "likely face such an application" if he came before the court again with any conviction.