Airport moose delays Regina flight

As astonished passengers watched, a flight was delayed at the Regina International Airport Friday while a moose wandered onto the runway.
A moose caused a commotion atthe Regina airport on Friday. It later ran into the city where it was tranquilized and removed on a truck. (Regina Airport Authority)

As astonished passengers watched, a flight was delayed at the Regina International Airport Friday while a moose wandered onto the runway.

It happened sometime after 6 a.m. CST at the airport just west of the city.

Air travellers waited on the runway while airport staff chased the moose away.

Regina Airport Authority president Jim Hunter said workers did manage to herd the moose off the tarmac, which proceeded to make a run to the Royal Regina Golf Course, but then came back. 

"Not sure how he initially got on this runway, but when he came back a second time, he actually pushed his way through this fence," Hunter said. "It was a pretty big one."

CBC reporter David Common was among those waiting to depart while the moose ran around, as he explained on Twitter.

"There is a moose on the runway at YQR delaying departures," Common said in a tweet. "Airport vehicles chasing it."

Shortly after, the moose was off the field and flights resumed.

The moose ran across the busy Lewvan Expressway and was later spotted several blocks away on the 2100 block of Cameron St. in the city's Cathedral area.

Conservation officers were called in. They tranquillized the moose and prepared to have it hauled away on a truck.

It's the latest in a series of urban moose incidents this spring. Conservation officers in Regina and Saskatoon were called last weekend after moose wandered into the province's two largest cities.

The province says there's been a big increase in the moose population in recent years, particularly in southern Saskatchewan. This year, it's giving out more licences to hunt moose.